How to Paint a Watermelon Slice

Are you tired of watermelon yet? I started eating it in May this year, but I could eat it all year long. Plus it's fun to paint :)

So, I have a fun watercolor watermelon tutorial for all you watercolor painters over at the Craftsy Painting Blog. This is my first post as a contributor at Craftsy so check it out the tell me what you think!

Watermelon Slice Painting: growcreative blog
How to paint a watermelon slice: grow creative blog


  1. Beautiful as always! I love all the fruit and food you paint. Your tutorial is simple and straightforward which is how I like everything in life. ;D

    1. Thanks- yes straightforward is the way to go :)

  2. I agree. Your tutorial makes it look easy. And I love simple pictures of fruit.


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