The Artist in the Art Room

I'm being brave today and showing you some of my creative world.................... with me in it!
I don't do this very often because I'd rather be photographing nature, watercolor paintings, or my cute kid than myself, so here ya go! 

This is my little corner of the house, the art room.  If I'm in a really creative mood, this room can get crazy.  Like pretty messy!  And I'm a clean sort of person too.  I guess this room is my one exception. The messier the room is the more I have been creating.  

I rarely work on just one project at a time.  I have around five projects going on at any given time.  I'd probably be more efficient if I just finished one before moving on to the next, but I have to create when I'm in the mood to make a particular thing.  That's how it works! You force it too much and it doesn't turn out as well.

Current Projects include:

Figures and Flowers watercolor series: I draw figures in ink and add watercolor flowers in the hair, like my Flower Head Girl and my Flower Dreamer paintings.  My goal is to one day get into an actual art gallery, so I'm taking my time to get a good series of paintings together.

Watercolor Tutorials for Craftsy: 
I'm just starting out as a blog contributor over at the Craftsy Painting Blog! Very exciting!  I'll be posting watercolor tutorials over there, 2-3 a month.  First up is a Watermelon Slice Tutorial- it's coming out on Aug. 27th! 

Boho Teepee Watercolors:
I've been working on a couple of Teepee Watercolors and I'm not done with them yet! You can see my first two paintings over at my Etsy Shop.

Crochet Shawl:
I started up a granny shawl this summer and hope to finish it by this fall.  It's a fun experiment :)

Frame Painting:
I am forever collecting thrift store frames and giving them makeovers.  I will probably never quite finish that project because I always have new pieces that need frames!

I can't quite express how lucky I feel to have a dedicated room in my house for these projects.  It's my little escape and it's a place where I can make my watercolor dreams come to life.  It's bright and happy.  It's full of inspiring colors and images.  I only end up painting a small portion of what I want to paint, but that's ok. I still have a life time of painting ahead of me!


  1. Hi Elise,

    You have a lovely place to create your art! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Why thanks- it's my favorite part of the house!

  2. Sweet post! Lovely work place and cute pic of you too :)

  3. I love seeing your process! As of now my "studio" is my kitchen table so your art space looks divine. Maybe someday I can convince my husband to build a tiny studio shed for me in the yard. I love your work!

    1. Thanks Jackie! A studio shed is a good idea! I used to do all my painting on the kitchen table as well so I really appreciate having a dedicated art space now where I can leave things out and just lock the door until I'm ready to finish. I hope you get your shed someday!


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