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My son and I had a painting session out on our porch one beautiful day.  It made my heart so happy to share my love of art with the child I love most in this world.

He mostly takes after his dad. He loves science, math, and technology.  I love that about him.  He inherited his dad's curious, and sciency mind. But I try to influence him in the arts as well. Some things just don't take. Like piano. It's not something he will ever be really interested in. But with art I can engage him. He loves to put his ideas down on paper.

So he put a stuffed animal up on the window ledge and painted a pretty accurate depiction of that scene while I doodled with my paints.  It was heavenly.  I felt very connected with my child.

abstract watercolors

As an artist and a mother at the same time, I've struggled to find a good balance.  I'm sure most of us mothers do.  How much time is too much time to spend on art or other pursuits? How do we involve our children in those pursuits so that we do connect?

Having only one child, I understand the importance of paying attention to your child and connecting and enjoying the short time that you have together.  Childhood moves by too quickly and if you aren't careful, you miss it. You can't get that back either!

Sometimes I feel guilty for spending time on my art, but then, I've come to see as my son has grown up, that even though we can't always do our art projects together, there is value in his mother having a passion, as long as the passion doesn't become the priority.  He sees me working and improving myself. He sees my ambition. He is surrounded by creative processes and wants to create too.

And then there is the fact that feeding myself creatively makes me a happier person, a better mother and wife.

So, how do you find balance? What keeps you in check?


  1. I don't know!!!!!! I'm struggling with this one right now. I have three little boys and there never seems time or energy for art, even when they are in bed. But I truly miss it. So I try to do a little here and a little there. I want to carve out more time for it! But, my oldest LOVES to watercolor paint and color with me!! Hooray!! :)

    1. Good for you for involving your oldest son with your art! That is awesome! I believe that there is a time for everything. Right now with lots of little kiddos I can definitely see how making time for art would be a challenge. So give yourself some credit for that you are doing- which I'm sure is quite a lot.


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