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My little family went fruit picking a few weeks ago and while we didn't actually pick these pears, we still obtained them from a farm.  (We picked peaches from the orchards because that's what was ripe at the time.)

In the past I've written a lot about painting pears; how I love their shapes and frequently buy pears just so I can paint them.  I even wrote two watercolor pear tutorials: one for painting a realistic pear still life and one for painting a pear silhouette.  It's a fruit I've always been in love with but hadn't spent much time photographing until now.  

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Turns out, they are just about as fun to photograph as they are to paint!  I placed these pears on a tray near my kitchen window and shot away with my camera, trying all kinds of configurations.  I love how photography allows me to play with compositions so easily.

I'm thinking all of these shots would make awesome oil paintings one day!  I just need to get into oils again- it's been too long. 

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  1. Fun! I'll have to try photographing fruit again. I tried once and the lighting didn't work at all. These would look great hanging in a kitchen!


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