Photos of the Week

Good beautiful day from the land of the lake!

Lake shore of Utah Lake

I have family in town this week for the arrival of my new nephew! New babies are so special and I feel so blessed to be an aunt as well as a mother.  

This morning I took my youngest sister out for a walk by the lake.  She lives far away in Arizona so I don't get much one-on-one time with her.  We had the best time talking about hang gliders and kites and enjoying the best weather of the year. I just know that deep down, my little sis has an adventurer in her!

As we sat throwing rocks into a somewhat slimy lake, we found a friend sitting patiently right next to us. 

Lake shore of Utah Lake

Some days are just blessed and this has been one of those days.  Hope your day is blessed too!


  1. I'm rather jealous of your Michelle time! She was so young when I left home and I feel like I've never caught up on getting to really know her. Won't it be awesome to know her without her disability someday?!!

    1. Yes it will! I feel lucky to have her as a sister- and you too kristin!


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