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The leaves changed way way early this year.  I'm glad we took a little trip to Midway to see them!

And I'm also glad we visited Bridal Veil Falls again.  It was our second time this year, but the husband didn't get to go the first time.  One of my favorite, short hikes.
Bridal Veil Falls, Utah

Living with chronic illness has taught me many things.  One of which, is to take advantage of the days you feel well because you need those fun times with family to get you through the days you don't feel well.

Chronic illness can make you feel like you are on the sidelines, watching everyone else go on with their lives, have kids, take vacations, and have adventures that your body does not allow you to have. That is the hardest part.  I'd say, even harder than the pain.  That feeling of being stuck and not able to progress, of feeling left-out and left behind is the toughest part for me for sure.

So, illness has taught me to take advantage of the good times, and to make the small things count, however small they may be.  Even if I haven't been able to have more children, or visit my hometown in Arizona for over a year, or reach my goals in the way that I want, I know that I have progressed spiritually and that I appreciate the small moments, like a hike with family, so much more.

So even if you don't struggle with your health, you may one day and wish that you had appreciated and taken advantage of your abilities.  Live your life everyday with gratitude and optimism.  Put the work aside, throw the schedule out the window, even let your kid ditch school for a day, and have fun with your family!

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  1. A good reminder for all of us. I felt that sitting on the sidelines feeling a little this summer. It is not fun, but you're right, it really does make you appreciate the good days more. Hugs!


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