New art materials and some experiments

I love playing with new art materials! Recently I've tried Fabriano Watercolor Paper (kinda flimsy, but good for practice work), a new round brush with a pointy tip, and some white gouache.

I've never used gouache before, but I always wanted to. I'm glad I did!  I used some white gouache over my dry watercolor flower painting- to add details to the leaves and flowers.  I love the effect!

bright watercolor flowers: grow creative blog
bright watercolor flowers: grow creative blog

I also love my new brush- the round with a fine tip is much better for lettering than my other blunt tip brushes. It's also excellent for leaves and stems. And then I threw in this little sketch from my camping trip. This was painted in the tent because it was too rainy out.  I'm glad I brought my paints to keep me occupied :)

yellow leaves watercolor: grow creative blog


  1. Omigosh Elise, you are so talented!! I adore those colours, too. Just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! What brush are you using? You've inspired me to try gouache.

    1. Thank you! I hope you do try gouache- it's thicker than watercolor so it's fun to play with. The brush is a Grumbacher #12 round. best of luck!


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