Photos of the Week

Just a few photos from our adventures last week in the cool, misty mountains.

Scrub Oak Acorn: growcreativeblog
Manti- LaSal National Forest in Fog: growcreativeblog

Fall yellow leaves: growcreativeblog
Manti- LaSal National Forest in Fog: growcreativeblog

Sometimes, I'm really grateful that vacations do not go as planned.  We end up finding the coolest camping spots that way!  It's all about going with the flow and learning not to stress when you don't know where you are going to stay for the night.  I'm a planner, so that skill has taken some practice and prayer was involved.  We're grateful someone was listening!

We meant to camp at Canyonlands National Park, but discovered the campground was full.  All the other campgrounds nearby were less than appealing, so we drove and drove and drove.  Eventually, we ended up at the top of one of the mountains of the Mant-LaSal National Forest.  It was magical when we found our camping spot, up in the Aspens, all decked out in yellows and oranges.  The perfect fall color!  In spite of the rain, this turned out to be my favorite camping spot ever! 

The best thing is that we ended up getting the best of both worlds this trip. The smoky mountains and the vast desert (we were able to visit Canyonlands on the way back home). You could see parts of the desert features from the mountains and it was the most amazing contrast I have ever seen in nature. Iconic desert landscapes surrounded in fog!

I took so many photos, that I decided to only post the mountain photos this week. Next week...... Canyonlands photos!


  1. Very cool pictures! I'm excited to see some more next week and it was great to catch up with you today!

  2. Beautiful! Autumn in Utah! The miles and miles of truly stunning landscape...and oh to be crossing the Manti-LaSalle on 29 this time of year would be a joy!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs.

    1. It was a joy! I couldn't stop taking pictures!


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