Photos of the Week

Happy Halloween!

My life feels like it is playing in fast-forward mode right now, but I did take some time for a nice walk one day last week.  The weather was perfect and the birds were out.  It was heavenly!

Fall birds

fall country scene
yellow leaves
fall landscape and horse

Between custom art orders, Halloween costumes, home study and adoption plans, my plate is more full than it has been in a long long time, but I'm grateful to feel well enough to handle it.

Many miracles have happened for my family since we decided to start down this difficult road to adoption. My health and energy have improved a lot and I didn't even change my medication! My business is doing well and we are finding ways to save money for an adoption.  I take these things as a sign that we are headed in the right direction. I've been reading a wonderful book about adoption and I get the strongest feeling that the Lord is very involved in every part of this process. He cares about us all so so much!

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