Washi Tape Gallery Wall

I'll admit it. I  have waaaaaaay too much art. Most of it is sitting in a cupboard in my art room, unused and lonely. It's about time I got it out of the cupboard and up on the wall!

I don't have nearly enough frames for all of these, so it's good thing I have washi tape! I created a gallery wall and used up two entire rolls of washi tape in the process. It was fun to make and I love all that color on my wall.

Washi Tape Decorating Idea: art gallery

The two methods that work best for me are:
1) Place long strips on the top and bottom of a painting.
2) Cut four small strips and place them diagonally across each corner of a painting.

It also works better if the paintings are completely flattened, not warped. That can be a problem with watercolors paintings.

Hang art with Washi Tape!
Watercolor Art Gallery with Washi Tape
Watercolor Art Gallery with Washi Tape
Watercolor Art Gallery with Washi Tape


  1. This is a great idea! We have an art room with everything hung up by tape circles on the back but this looks really nice!

  2. I've never used washi tape! Sure do like the girl with the flowers in her hair! I would love to see that circle painting close up, it looks like the new moon in bloom!

    1. Thanks Laurie! It looks like I actually hung that night sky painting upside down without even noticing.. haha!


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