Make Your Own Watercolor Business Cards!

Watercolor Business Card Tutorial: Grow Creative Blog

The holiday season is upon us and if you are an Etsy seller or small business owner, you have been gearing up for this time of year for months!

My business checklist for the holidays includes:

  1. Having a large inventory of paintings to purchase in my shop
  2. Having collections of seasonal items
  3. Finding ways to promote my artwork through my blog & social media
  4. Ordering shipping supplies
  5. Creating lots of business cards

I've done well on all of those except the business cards. So a major watercolor business card making session was in order last weekend!  I make my own business cards to cut down on costs and because I can make each one unique and colorful- just how I like it.

As I was making this last batch, I realized that I need to share the process.  It's simple, but also kinda fun. Each card is like its own mini-painting in itself.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own watercolor business cards.

Watercolor Business Card Tutorial: Grow Creative Blog

  • heavy white card stock or watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints
  • large paint brush
  • computer and printer
  • large paper cutters or paper punch

Materials to make your own watercolor business cards: free tutorial

Step 1: 
Using an photo editor, like picmonkey or microsoft publisher, design a printable page of cards with your business's info.  Include name, website, email, blog or social media pages.  Space these evenly apart on the page so that when you cut them out of the paper later on, they end up the same size.

You can find a tutorial on designing cards with picmonkey here.

Step 2: 
Lay out your paper and cover it with light washes of watercolor paint.  I like to vary the colors and leave some white space to keep it interesting.  Remember to keep the paint light so that you can see the font that will be printed on top of your paper later. Let this paper dry completely.

Step 3:
Change your printer settings to ensure a high quality print on thick paper, then hit print and feed your paper into the printer.  If you have a setting on your printer that allows you to feed thicker paper through a separate feeder tray, then use that mode.  Try not to have the paper be rolled through your printer any more than necessary.  A laser or an ink-jet will work just fine!

Step 4:
The last step is to cut your cards out of the paper with a paper punch or a paper cutter.  I like my cards to be fun shapes, so I use a large flower paper punch for my cards.  I flip the paper punch over and feed the paper into it with the print facing me so I can make sure the print is centered on the card.

Make your own watercolor business cards: free tutorial!

Now you are all set to go! You have unique business cards to ship out with all your sales.

Watercolor business cards: grow creative blog

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