Painting Sedona Twice!

This is a scene that I got to paint twice. Once just before, and once just after Christmas. 

Original Watercolor Sedona Landscape by Elise Engh

A customer commissioned a lovely scene of the mountains of Sedona Arizona and I was so excited to paint it! I'm from Arizona!  

The first take on it turned out better than I thought it would.  I carefully rolled this painting, wrapped it in plastic, and stuck it in a cardboard triangle mailer from USPS.  I waited 20 minutes at line in at the post office and then sent it on it's way, only to find out a few days later that the carrier had smashed it. Boo!!!

I felt a little foolish because I had just written a craftsy post about how to ship your watercolor paintings safely and now I'm the one with the shipping disaster.  Yikes!  But I had never had a problem with USPS smashing my paintings in those triangle mailers before.  So I can't take all the blame for that fiasco.

Original Watercolor Sedona Landscape by Elise Engh

I worked on Sedona painting #2 right after Christmas and I wasn't quite as excited to paint it as the first.  The first was definitely better.  Thankfully I had a very understanding and patient customer.  I rolled the second one in a poster tube and then stuck that in a triangle mailing tube.  That one got there without a scratch! Thank goodness!  

I'm thinking this is going to be my standard wrapping procedure for all my large paintings from now on!

So, what are your shipping fiascoes?  Any good shipping advice? Please share!

Original Watercolor Sedona Landscape by Elise Engh


  1. How devistating! I don't remember any fiascoes but I would not want to try to paint something twice. Although they both look great!

    1. I'm glad you have been able to avoid anything this disastrous! Thank you Sarah!


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