Photos of the Week: Frozen Utah Lake

One of the perks of living next to Utah Lake are these views!  I think the views are the prettiest in the winter when the mountain peaks are covered in snow and the lake is frozen.  It's like glass and it takes my breath away.

Frozen Utah Lake: grow creative blog
Frozen Utah Lake: grow creative blog
Frozen Utah Lake: grow creative blog
Frozen Utah Lake: grow creative blog

I haven't been as active here on this blog lately.  So so so much to do when you are trying to adopt!

Getting our adoption home study finished felt so good! It took a load off! Now we have entered the searching and waiting phase and that part scares me a bit.  It's so unknown and things could either take a very long time or happen very quickly.  You just don't know how it will play out.

My husband put together our son's old crib which has been moved at least five times now.  It hasn't been used in six years.  I'm glad we kept it.  I never could let go of the baby stuff.  I have too many hopes and dreams tied up with those items, so from house to house they have moved, right along with us!


  1. Wow - those pictures are gorgeous! Nice work capturing that beauty!

  2. Oh I love those pictures. The mountains, the lake... I can feel the crisp winter air in my lungs.
    I miss those views ( I lived a year in Idaho.)
    Have a great day and lots of luck with the adoption process

    1. Sometimes I enjoy that crisp air too- at least when it's clean! Thanks Tobia!


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