A New Way to Paint Flowers

 I've been playing with different ways to paint flowers.  These are not the realistic kind, but they are oh so fun to paint!

Watercolor sunburst florals by Elise Engh

You start with a simple flower shape in the middle and work in rounds, varying the sizes and shapes of the flower petals.  Keep moving outwards until the flower is larger enough to strike your fancy. Then you can add leaves, dots, even some gold ink- if you feel like it.  

These two paintings are small and I'm dying to try this out on a larger scale! 

Watercolor sunburst florals by Elise Engh

This 5x7 floral sits on my bookshelf in the family room right next to my little cactus painting.  They were meant to be together!

watercolor cactus and flowers by Elise Engh


  1. Your new flowers remind me of crocheting in rounds :)

    1. me to, I'm a crocheter so I can see the resemblance. Thanks for visiting!


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