How to Leave White Space in Watercolor Painting

creating white space in watercolors

Hi friends and Happy Spring!

I've been busy with family and house plans so I haven't been getting much up on the blog lately, but I do have a new watercolor post up on the Craftsy Art Blog that I wanted to share with you.

Learning to leave white space in watercolor painting is one of the most basic and most challenging steps to creating a great watercolor piece.  In this post, I share seven ways to help you get that white space in your painting so that it can live and breathe!  White space gives life to watercolor painting. Without it, paintings look flat and dull.

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  1. HI Elise,
    Surfed to this post, and I found the link at the bottom...
    "So check out 7 Simple Strategies for Creating Watercolor White
    Space" ... went no where. :(

    I googled the words and came to this link...


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