Farmhouse Style Watercolor Cows

A friend of mine got me thinking about painting cows.......... not such a bad idea! 
With farmhouse style making a big scene, I think cows are a good thing to get into right now.  They can be cute, especially if you paint them with flowers and put them in a distressed frame.

Brown Watercolor Cow with Flowers by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Blog

Farmhouse Style Watercolor Cows with Flowers by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Blog

I think watercolor cows can be cute even without flowers.  I'm getting into painting with browns and grays, which is unusual for me. I'm all about bright colors, but sometimes I find so much satisfaction from painting with purple or blue tinted browns.  I've been discovering just how many shades of brown and gray there are......... infinite! 

Isn't color miraculous? I rediscover that miracle every time I paint.

watercolor cow painting by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Blog


  1. I'm not a big cow fan but with flowers and a distressed frame, it's adorable. I'm surprised how much I love it.

    1. Thanks- I didn't used to like cows that much either, but they are making a comeback.


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