Photos of the Week

I carved out some time to enjoy nature last week and nature did not disappoint!

pink blossoms: grow creative blog
pink blossoms: grow creative blog
black bird on a ranch in Spring: grow creative blog
Russian Olive Branch in Spring: grow creative blog
utah lake shore

Lately I have been given the gift of gratitude, and subsequently, the gift of joy.  Spring has that effect on me.  I live for the colors, the smells, and the energy of this time of year.

We haven't had any interest in our family adoption wise so far.  It has been four months with no contact with any birth parents and it is easy to get discouraged.  I keep hoping and praying that if we are meant to raise another child, that the birth mother of that child will find us when the time is right. I pray for her, whoever she is and cling onto hope and gratitude, for that is my road to happiness.


  1. Elise,
    I will be including you in my nightly prayers. I never pray for a specific outcome, but rather for what is best for all concerned.

    Jo Ann


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