Photos of the Week

It finally feels like spring here in Utah! We took advantage of it with two mountain hikes and a lunch-date walk by the Lindon Marina at Utah Lake.  I need to meet Eric for lunch walks more often :)

If you can brave the gnats, the lake has some beautiful views to offer........ but ya........ bugs! We couldn't get too close to the shore without getting eaten.  So it's best to view from a distance!

My life feels like a whirlwind right now, constantly moving with little time to stop.  The custom painting orders keep coming- which is awesome! And we are in the process of landscaping our big back yard. It's time consuming, but we are working toward our dream and we are loving it.

I thought I would be dreading Mother's Day once again this year.  No leads on the adoption front, so we are still a one-child-family.  But I've felt such peace in my life.  It's a great blessing to feel content even if life isn't perfect.  I am so happy these days and my life is full of good things!


  1. You always sound like an amazing mom!
    Happy Mothers Day :)

  2. Perfection in each photo! Love and Beauty shining forth!
    Blessings and Peace.

  3. Life is never perfect but that's what keeps it interesting. We are blessed with one child each. I have a son who is going to be 34, I also tried to have another but it only ended in miscarriage. Never wanted to try again, as what was meant to be was a blessing in disguise. I never questioned it after that. My niece waited nearly 12 years for her son, who is now going to be 8, but that is up here in BC, so the waits are longer for babies? Don't really know. Enjoy your time with your son, every moment it precious as we know how short life can be. I was also diagnosed with cancer back in 2010 and boy you sure have a different outlook on life after that, the sky is so blue compared to yesterday, the grass is a rich green. I really am thankful for each day and when I wake I smile even tho' it hurts to move sometimes. I get up, feed my pets and then get on with the day :)
    I love your painting and have been following you for quite some time and know of your struggles. Every day is a blessing and what will be, will be. You will be given your child when the time is right, you will be reward for your patience, greatly. Keep smiling Elise :)
    Sending hugs from Victoria BC.

    1. Perfectly said Victoria! I love connecting with people who have had to struggle and now appreciate life for what it is, imperfections and all. Life is beautiful and I wish the best for your health your family!