8 Creative Art Projects to Try With Your Kids This Summer

It's the beginning of summer and that means freedom! It also means that school-aged kids are transitioning from having a full-scheduled-day to having lots of free time.  I don't know about you, but I have to make a summer fun list to keep my son busy doing things besides watching t.v.

8 Creative Art Projects for Kids: Grow Creative Blog

Our summer fun list includes fun outings, science experiments, and of course, art projects!  I have compiled a list of eight creative art projects that you can try with your kids.  These are all kid-friendly art projects that I pulled from my own blog archives.  Most of these projects are relatively inexpensive too.  As long as you've got some paper, watercolor or acrylic craft paints, recyclables, and some tape, you are good to go!

Draw shapes on paper, cover them with cool tape and cut the shapes out! This should provide at least an hours worth of entertainment and the crazier tape patterns you have, the better.

Cool Tape Art Project for Kids: Grow Creative Blog

Garbage Bots

Make use of those cans, cardboard boxes, juice lids, and milk caps.  Assemble your own garbage bots with the help of some hot glue and googly eyes!

Make garbage bots out of recyclables: Grow Creative Blog

Printing with Flowers

If you've got a nature loving kid, you are in luck! Or if you just have a kid who likes to whack things with hammers- you'll be happy with this project.  You can make prints of flowers and leaves on paper by smashing them with your fingers or a hammer.  It's so fun to experiment with all kinds of plants.

Make flower prints by smashing flowers onto paper: Grow Creative Blog

Stamping with Watercolors

Did you know that you can use paint on your rubber stamps?  You can cover them with watercolor paints or watered-down acrylics then press them to your paper.  Let the kids have fun making patterns- they'll love it!

Stamped Watercolor Paper Patterns Art Project: Grow Creative Blog

Abstract Watercolors

This project requires some rubber cement and a little bit of patience, but your kids will be amazed at the masking effect that is revealed when they pull off the dried rubber cement.  This one is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Abstract Watercolor Art Project with rubber cement: Grow Creative Blog

Straw Painting

Experiment with different ways to move and apply paint on paper.  Let your kids strengthen their lungs by blowing through straws to move wet paint in crazy patterns across the paper.  So fun!

Straw Blowing Watercolor Art Project: Grow Creative Blog

Hard and Fuzzy Friends

These projects falls more into the craft category, but I still count it as art.  Paint rocks and glue googly eyes to them.  Or glue pom poms to a popsicle stick to make some cute little furry friends!

Painted Rock Pet Kid Craft: Grow Creative Blog

Pom Pom Caterpillar Kid Craft: Grow Creative Blog

Drawing Game

Have your child start a drawing on a plain piece of paper.  Take turns adding different elements to the scene.  This can be a purely aesthetic work of art or it can turn out like ours did- like a crazy fun story!

Drawing Game for Kids: Grow Creative Blog

Do you have any fun art projects that you like to do with your kids? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I don't know if I'll be able to get Spencer to try any of these, but I'm pinning them with high hopes!


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