Blue Cactus and Florals

Yes, I am still here! I've slowed down on posting because summer is just busy and I've got to make some time for fun! Like painting drippy blue cacti 💙💙💙

Drippy Blue Cactus Painting by Elise Engh

I bought these large square frames from the thrift store about a year ago.  They had some old photograph prints in them, but they were black and white- not my style. I need color!  So I ended up priming the backing boards that came with the frames and then painted some fun cacti and flowers with acrylic paints. 

Which cactus version do you like better? 

Blue Cactus Paintings- Two different Styles by Elise Engh
Art Studio with Blue Cactus Paintings: Elise Engh

The last board I attempted some blue flowers in a sort of half watercolor/ half acrylic style.  It was an adventure to play with paint that way and I learned so much, even if I don't love the final outcome.  It's all about the process!!

Blue Floral Art: Grow Creative Blog

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