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Have you ever seen green and pink leaves?  I was lucky enough to see my first in Logan Utah!  I may have taken a few too many photos of them, but hey, it's not every day you see leaves this beautiful.

pink and green leaves in logan utah: grow creative blog

pink and green leaves in logan utah: grow creative blog

This is a flower shot from our family trip to Great Basin National Park! We stayed at a cute retreat with the most gorgeous roses.

red roses at hidden canyon retreat: grow creative blog

And lastly, a shot of some wildflowers at the top of Logan canyon.  I need to live in the mountains one day.  Every time I'm up in a mountain, my trouble vanish and I find that I can breathe again (physically and mentally).  I'm always reluctant to leave!

purple wildflowers logan canyon: grow creative blog

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  1. I've never seen leaves like that before. They're beautiful! Also, I'd love some advice. My husband and I are taking a trip to Utah. We're mostly camping, and have a couple nights in the southeast, a couple in Salt Lake, and a few in the southwest. I've don't some research and have a pretty full list of things to do, but would love to know of any "must dos/sees" that you'd recommend.


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