Monday, July 17, 2017

Photos of the Week

golden thistles

I finally got myself down to the lake this summer. No swimming though- the algae bloom is back at Utah Lake- ugggh! 

It's such a shame that this beautiful place gets used as a dumping ground in Utah. It could be such a wonderful resource! At least I get to enjoy the plants and birds that live near the shore and I get to see the lake with the mountains rising above it from my own front porch.  

Bird of Utah Lake
West side of Utah Lake
Utah Lake Shore in Summer
Bird of Utah Lake
West side of Utah Lake

If I want to spend anytime outdoors during the daylight hours, it has to be before 8am these days.  I don't mind that too much. I've always been more of an early riser.  I get my yard work done and enjoy a walk before the world wakes and I love the solitude!

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