Peach Fire Flowers Paintings

Sometimes the paintings just flow from me, like a steady stream of joy and peace. Those are the best painting sessions. I come away feeling like I've done some sort of mental yoga.  I feel centered and happy.

Four original watercolor flower paintings by Elise Engh.  Fire Flowers in blue and orange.

Photo of the Week

It's been a long time since I just posted one "photo-of-the-week" here on this blog. I haven't been out taking photos as much as I would like to.

So today I feel like doing some catching up on life. Here we go!

Watercolor Blueberry Flowers

Hi there!

I've been busy with some travels and getting my kid back to school.  It was a crazy, busy summer!  I've also been working on a new collection of floral/ blueberry paintings. 

on my desk: watercolor blueberry flowers

These blueberry-type paintings started out as trying to be blue flowers, but ended up looking more like blueberries, so I'm calling them blueberry flowers :)  What would you name them?

Sea-Inspired Watercolor Flower Paintings

Original Sea-Inspired Watercolor Flower Paintings by Elise Engh

I am forever painting flowers and experimenting with new ways to paint them.  My latest paintings seem to have something of sea life in them. It's a combination of flowers and something like a sea anemone.  I love it and I will be painting lots more of these!

For now, these two are up for sale in my Shop.

Watercolor Seascape Sketching

I had a little time to paint at the beach last week!The two things that relieve my stress the best are the ocean and painting, so combining those two is incredibly relaxing.  

watercolor beach landscape sketches