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It's been a long time since I just posted one "photo-of-the-week" here on this blog. I haven't been out taking photos as much as I would like to.

So today I feel like doing some catching up on life. Here we go!

It was a busy fast summer.  We planned lots of trips and because of my back, I only made it to a few of them.  But it's fun to have plans, nonetheless.  It gives us something to look forward to and be excited about.

My son started third grade last week- eeek!  He's growing up too fast and even though he's ready for it, I all too often find myself wishing he could stay little a while longer.  He still snuggles with me in the mornings though. It's my favorite time of day! I'm holding onto that tradition for as long as I can.

We are still looking to adopt, although we are shifting our focus to figuring out what's going on with my back for now.  I'm having more and more pain as time goes by so I know something is up.  It's been incredibly hard for me to have to admit that I have yet another health problem to figure out. The pain has been building for a long time, but I didn't want to even think that it was getting worse. I just wanted to pretend like it was all good and go on with my life. But things never get better when you ignore them.  So I'm getting some MRI's and x-rays and we'll see what we find.

I'm trying my very hardest to stay positive and have faith that things happen for a reason, even when I can't understand it.  I have longed for another child for our family for over seven years! I never imagined I would have to wait so long and I never imagined how painful that would be.  Seeing everyone move on with their families and their lives is hard. I'm happy for them, but always feels like I've been left behind or forgotten. It seems like everyone gets their big miracle and happy ending but me.  So I'm focusing on the smaller miracles of my life, which when I think about it, really aren't that small after all.

  • I have a very loving, thoughtful, kind husband. Last week he planned the meals, did the grocery shopping, and cooked.  All I had to do was the dishes.  I loved it! 
  • I have a special relationship with my son. I don't know any different so I just assumed everyone is this close with their kids, but I've had the luxury of so much one-on-one time with him. We are more than just mother and son. We are friends and its such a joy a to me!
  • Every once in a while a neighbor or friend will show up out of the blue to invite my son over to play or just to give me a hug. They have no idea how powerful those little acts of kindness are in my life.  Those are the moments when I know I'm not alone and that someone is watching out for me. These people are angels on earth!
  • The gift of creativity is a miracle worker in my life. I find so much joy in creating, in painting especially.  It's a miracle and a gift that we have to be able to create, even if it's not art.  If it's a friendship or a meal.  Creation is a miracle.

What little miracles do you notice in your life? I'd love to know!

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