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It's not every day you come across a scene from a fairy tale................................

fairy tale castle

so when you do, photograph the heck out of it and let yourself get lost in your imagination!

pale pink geraniums- Thanksgiving Point Utah

Smell the flowers, admire the geraniums and walk down green paths.  If you can let the beauty overtake you, you'll find yourself transported to a wonderful world, far from your worries and troubles. It is glorious!

Pink and White Summer Flowers- Thanksgiving Point Utah
Pink and Purple Summer Flowers- Thanksgiving Point Utah

The best part of this excursion is that I didn't have to go far and it was free! I visited Thanksgiving Point here in Utah! I didn't even go in the gardens, I just walked around the shops and spas and was so surprised at how much there was to admire there.

So get outdoors this week and find your own fairy tale land.  It's worth it, I promise!

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