Dollar Store Floral Pumpkin DIY

DIY Floral Fall Pumpkin Home Decor

This fall I've been looking for some more affordable ways to decorate.  I love pumpkins and flowers, but the real ones are costly, plus they don't last from year to year.  So what did I do?  I hit up my local dollar store to see what I could work with. I found an orange foam pumpkins for $1.00 at dollar tree.  I wondered if some metallic spray paint could take it to the next level, from tacky to cute.  So I got some copper metallic spray paint and tried it.  Luckily it worked!

Here's how I made my copper floral pumpkin in two easy steps:

Foam pumpkin from the dollar store
Metallic Copper spray paint
Fake flowers

Step 1:  Spray paint your pumpkin.

To get better coverage on my pumpkin I set it on top of a disposable plastic cup (with rocks in the cup so it didn't tip over).  I sprayed every visible surface then let it dry completely.  Then I turned the pumpkin over so the underside was showing and sprayed that part.  It worked well!

spray paint a metallic copper dollar store foam pumpkin

Step 2:  Insert flowers.

Cut small flower stems and poke them straight into the top of the pumpkin.  Since it's made out of foam, you can just poke them right in. No glue required!

Dollar Store Floral Pumpkin DIY
Dollar Store Floral Pumpkin DIY

You can arrange your copper pumpkin with a fall wreath or other fake pumpkins on your mantel or your bookshelf.  So fun and so cheap!

Copper Pumpkin Home Decor
DIY Floral Fall Pumpkin Home Decor

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