After Christmas Sale

Grow Creative Shop After Christmas Sale 2017

This week all of my original watercolor Christmas paintings are 40% off!  Yay for discounts right after the holidays!  I love shopping this time of year because I get awesome deals on stuff for the following year.

Just visit the CHRISTMAS section of my Etsy Shop- no code required. Enjoy!

Watercolor Peaches and Abstract Patterns

I know this fruit is totally out of season at the moment, but who doesn't love peaches?

watercolor peaches painting by Elise Engh

I worked really hard on this collection of watercolor peach paintings and patterns and I loved it!  The colors are to die for!  I will be painting in these colors again.... guaranteed. The abstract patterns were really intuitive and fun to paint.  I felt so free painting these and so like myself.  I've always been a sucker for green.

Watercolor Fruit Patterns by Elise Engh

Watercolor Fruit Patterns by Elise Engh
watercolor peaches painting by Elise Engh

Watercolor Lemons

Original Watercolor Lemons painting by Elise Engh
Three Yellow Lemons 8x10
Lately, I've been working hard at taming my inner ADD artist and focus more on creating sets of paintings.  It's always been hard for me to stick to just one subject because I have so many ideas! But I'm learning that taking the time to explore a subject more thoroughly just increases the painting ideas I come up with.  It challenges me to figure out more ways to work with one subject.