Best of 2017

2017 is almost over! Time to recap all the stuff I did this year!

Watercolor Tutorials from Grow Creative Blog

It was a big year of growth for me.  More art licensing opportunities came my way through Hobby Lobby, Kirtlands, and Anthropologie!  I took advantage, even though it was intimidating and scary at times.  But you don't grow if you don't push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Creating art for licensing deals took up more of time in 2017 so I had less time for my beloved blog, but I still managed to put together some fun watercolor tutorials and art projects to do with kids.

Here are my top 8 posts from 2017:

Two Ways to Paint Watercolor Cactus
Watercolor Tutorials from Grow Creative Blog

10 Watercolor Hacks
Watercolor Tutorials from Grow Creative Blog

Kid's Sharpie Canvas Art
Kids Art Tutorials from Grow Creative Blog

Repurposing Watercolor Paintings
Watercolor cutouts

Abstract Watercolors on Canvas
Watercolor Tutorials from Grow Creative Blog

Floral Pineapples
Watercolor Floral Pineapple by Elise Engh

Vintage Car Soap Illustrations

Art Licensing Tips

2017 was a big year in my personal life too- In January I announced that we are officially Hoping to Adopt! We waited such a long time just to get to the point where we could try to adopt.  It was an emotional roller coaster all year long as we waited.  Although we didn't have the opportunity to adopt in 2017, we are grateful for what the waiting process has taught us.  We've had time to really educate ourselves about lots of issues surrounding adoption and we've had time to get comfortable with the idea of open adoption.  We know now that we will not only love the child that adopt in the future, but also that child's biological family.

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