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purple spring blossoms

Hey there and happy spring! We finally had some real spring weather and we spent our whole Saturday outdoors enjoying it!  There were too many blossoms to photograph- so I'll just share a few.

white spring blossoms, bird cherry tree
red spring blossoms

In other news.................... my little family is still hoping to adopt.  We have been on this adoption journey for a year and a half! It's been really hard for us to keep our hopes up not knowing what will happen.  We love kids so much and our son prays for a sibling everyday. So we need your help! Please share our photo, website, our social sites for us! You never know who might see it.  

A little about us:  We are a family of three looking to adopt a child independently.  We would love an open adoption, but are open to all kinds of situations. Eric and I have been married 11 years and our son, Porter is 9 years old.  We live in Saratoga Springs, Utah and love the outdoors!  Here's our info you can share:

Adoption Profile:

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