Art Tutorial: Paper Collage Landscapes

Have you ever tried making a paper collage?!  My son and I created these landscape paper collages over the summer.  It made for an easy kid's art activity plus it helped me use up my paper scraps! 

How to make paper collage landscape art

This is a loose tutorial on how to make a paper collage landscape.  You can get creative with the shape you make your landscape on.  My son chose to use a rectangle, while I liked the circular landscapes.  They don't even have to be landscapes either-  you can get creative and turn yours into a monster, animal, or any other kind of creature like my son did with his!

Solid Colored Card Stock- any size, any color
Mix of patterned and solid colored scrapbook paper
Glue Stick

Step 1: Using a large piece of card stock as your base, use a glue stick to attach random shapes of scrap paper in various colors, sizes, and patterns.  I cut geometric shapes for this piece, but you can also go with organic shapes of a mix of both.

How to make paper collage landscape art

If you are going for a landscape look, attach paper pieces at the top of your scene first, leaving some empty space at the top. The lower pieces that you add on later will make up the middle ground and foreground of your scene.

How to make paper collage landscape art

Step 2:  Layer paper pieces to cover the entire width of your base paper, leaving some space at the top. Layer paper pieces all the way to the bottom.  You can create mountains and hills out the paper pieces by placing contrasting colors and patterns against each other.

How to make paper collage landscape art

Step 3:  Once the glued on pieces have all dried, you can cut out the final shape that you want your landscape to be. Since I wanted a circle landscape, I traced a circle on the backside of my base paper and then cut it out.  When you flip it over- you have a nice trim circlular piece of art!

How to make paper collage landscape art
Circular landscape paper collage

Here's another piece I made with more organic shapes. I used a large flower paper punch to create some of the shapes.  So fun!
Circular landscape paper collage

My son made a rectangular landscape and then decided he wanted to turn it into a creature!  So he added some eyes and cut our a piece for the mouth.  My advice is to let your kids use their imagination with this project.  It's better that way!

kids art paper collage

Fall Watercolor Art

Hi friends! I have some fall watercolor art to share with you today!

Cabin in the Woods- fall watercolor painting by Elise Engh

My son is back in school so I've been trying to catch up on listing my watercolor paintings in my shop. It's quite the task and I end up spending more time on the computer than I would like.  My dream job would be to just paint every day and not have to deal with the busy work- haha!  

fall pumpkin watercolor painting by Elise Engh

fall pumpkins watercolor painting by Elise Engh

blue fall floral flower buds- original watercolor painting by Elise Engh