DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Last year I made my own Christmas Gift Tags! This year I hope to be able to use them all!

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Make your own christmas gift tags

These "merry & bright" tags I made with watercolor paper scraps, stamps, and some colorful sharpies. I stamped the poinsettia flower in green near the top of the tag then filled it out with my sharpies by drawing little branches around the flower and little dots inside of the flower. The finishing touch was the "merry & bright" stamp at the bottom. 

Make your own christmas gift tags

These colorful Christmas tags I created by painting small Christmas trees in watercolor on watercolor paper. Even if you aren't an artist - trees are easy to paint with watercolor!You can leave them as is or outline them in ink like I did!

Make your own watercolor christmas gift tags

Make your own watercolor christmas gift tags

Happy Gift Giving!

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Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

Photos of the Week

In honor of Fall, I went digging through my archives looking for my favorite leaf photos! Some I've posted in years past from my fall adventures and crafts. I even found some that never got posted. Such a shame, right?!  I decided it's time to post them! Happy Fall!

yellow fall leaf
painted leaf craft: elise engh studios
fall leaf craft:elise engh studios

Lemons and Blossoms

 Once in a while, my baby will take a decent nap and then I get some painting time in! 

I loved painting watercolor lemons with blossoms last year so much that I decided to add to the collection.  Here are two more lemon paintings that I just listed in my shop! 

Art Tutorial: Paper Collage Landscapes

Have you ever tried making a paper collage?!  I created these landscape paper collages over the summer.  It made for an easy kid's art activity plus it helped me use up my paper scraps! 

How to make paper collage landscape art

This is a loose tutorial on how to make a paper collage landscape.  You can get creative with the shape you make your landscape on.  Be it a rectangle or circular landscapes.  They don't even have to be landscapes either-  you can get creative and turn yours into a monster, animal, or any other kind of creature!

Solid Colored Card Stock- any size, any color
Mix of patterned and solid colored scrapbook paper
Glue Stick

Step 1: Using a large piece of card stock as your base, use a glue stick to attach random shapes of scrap paper in various colors, sizes, and patterns.  I cut geometric shapes for this piece, but you can also go with organic shapes of a mix of both.

How to make paper collage landscape art

If you are going for a landscape look, attach paper pieces at the top of your scene first, leaving some empty space at the top. The lower pieces that you add on later will make up the middle ground and foreground of your scene.

How to make paper collage landscape art

Step 2:  Layer paper pieces to cover the entire width of your base paper, leaving some space at the top. Layer paper pieces all the way to the bottom.  You can create mountains and hills out the paper pieces by placing contrasting colors and patterns against each other.

How to make paper collage landscape art

Step 3:  Once the glued on pieces have all dried, you can cut out the final shape that you want your landscape to be. Since I wanted a circle landscape, I traced a circle on the backside of my base paper and then cut it out.  When you flip it over- you have a nice trim circlular piece of art!

How to make paper collage landscape art
Circular landscape paper collage

Here's another piece I made with more organic shapes. I used a large flower paper punch to create some of the shapes.  So fun!
Circular landscape paper collage

kids art paper collage

A Look at my Sketchbook

 I've been playing with my sharpies in my sketchbook! I have lots of colors to play with and I've been surprised at the color combinations I have come up with.  I've come to the conclusion that gold goes with anything- do you agree?

sharpie color sketches

Photos of the Week

Life has sped up since school got out. Isn't it supposed to do the opposite in the summertime?  But as busy as it's been, I have taken the time to stop and smell the roses........... and the poppies.  Flowers are one of the best things about summer!

Orange Wild Poppy
Orange Wild Poppy
Pink Spring Blossoms
Poppy Fields Alpine Utah
Yellow Roses: Alpine Utah

How to Paint Lemons in Watercolor

I have a thing for lemons right now.  I love their shapes, their colors, their leaves........ and when you add their blossoms, they make the best watercolor paintings!

Watercolor Lemons, Leaves, and Blossoms by Elise Engh

Want to learn how to paint watercolor lemons?  I created a tutorial just for you! Follow these seven easy steps to create your own lemon painting!

140lb coldpress watercolor paper ( I used Canson Paper for this project)
#12 Round Paint Brush
Watercolor Paints:  yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, phthalo green, and ivory black
Jar of water

Step 1: No need to sketch out the lemons in pencil first. Just "draw" your oval lemon shape with your paint and brush.  To get this hue of yellow, I mixed yellow ochre and cadmium yellow.  Paint an oval shape with a little point on the end.  Keep the paint wet and work quickly so that you can fill in the shape in the next step without creating drying lines.

Step 2: Fill in the lemon shape, leaving a few white spots as highlights.  Again, keep the paint fairly wet and work quickly to achieve a fluid look.

How to Paint a Watercolor Lemon

Step 3: While the paint is still wet from the previous steps, load your brush up with a little thicker darker paint.  Then add dimension to your lemons by painting on the darker paint around the top, bottom, and edges of your lemons.  This adds a shading effect that makes your lemons look more realistic.  You can dab the darker paint in wet areas and let the wet paint mix that's already on the paper mix and blend with it.  It's fun to watch!

How to Paint a Watercolor Lemon

Step 4:  Mix phthalo green with some ivory black paint to create a dark green color for the leaves and stems.  Load up your brush with this lovely green color and paint the beginning of the stem at the top center of each lemon.  Make the part that touches the lemon a little wider and gradually make the stem thinner as your go up.  It's ok if your green mixes a little with the wet yellow paint at the top.  I actually prefer to let the colors mix a little- it's so pretty!

Paint Lemons and Leaves

Step 5: Curve the green stem upwards, to the side, or you can even make it peek out on the other side of the lemon. This part is up to you! With each stem that you paint, paint some leaves on it. I find that clusters of leaves look best.

To paint a leaf, paint an oval shaped outline with pointy ends that connect to the stem.  Them fill the leaf in with your green paint. You can leave a little white strip in the middle of the leaf for added interest!  Always work with wet paint so that it blends into the stem and work quickly so that the paint doesn't dry while you are attaching leaves to stems.

Paint Lemons and Leaves

Step 6: Paint some lemon blossoms interspersed between the stems and leaves.  With your green paint, create a thin line that ends in a sort of fork shape.  Make the line a little curvy.  Then with some watery, light yellow paint, add in some blossom petals coming outward from the little fork.

Free Art Tutorial: Learn How To Paint Watercolor Lemons In Seven Easy Steps!  Photos and Instructions by Elise Engh Studios.

Step 7:  Fill your paper with lemons, leaves and blossoms.  You can copy my composition here or create your own! 

Watercolor Lemons, Leaves, and Blossoms by Elise Engh

Free Art Tutorial: Learn How To Paint Watercolor Lemons In Seven Easy Steps!  Photos and Instructions by Elise Engh Studios.

Painting by the Lake

 Yesterday I painted by the lake! It was sunny,72 degrees, and gorgeous- perfect for some plein air painting!

Utah Lake Watercolor Paintings by Elise Engh

More Watercolor Llamas!

Ready for more llama paintings?  You're in luck! I have some new watercolor llamas in the shop!

Tan Watercolor Llama Painting by Elise Engh

I have these two realistic-looking llamas.  The brown llama below has the best facial expression!  To me, llamas always look like they have a smirk on their face or a silly grin.  That's part of their appeal!

Boho Watercolor Llama Painting by Elise Engh

And I have two illustration  style llamas. These llamas have watercolor floral crowns and boho blankets and are outlined in ink.  So fun! These would look awesome in a nursery or girl's room!

Watercolor Llama Illustrations- nursery decor- girl's room

All the Pretty Little Horses

Watercolor Horse Painting

Happy weekend everyone! I painted two lovely brown and tan ponies with flowers on them and around them. Everything is better with flowers, right?! 

Watercolor Horse with Flowers
Watercolor Horse with Floral Crown