Hand Painted Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hey there! 
I've been away from my blog for some time, but I've got a fun and crafty Christmas Project for you!  Have you ever painted your own wrapping paper?! This was a first for me and I really enjoyed it.  It was like creating a large scale abstract work of art!

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Want to try making your own Christmas Wrapping Paper? Read on!

Purple Floral Spring Painting

watercolor purple floral painting by Elise Engh

Every time I am gifted flowers, I want to paint them! I don't always have the time to with an 8 month old needing my attention, but once in a while I squeeze in some painting time for me and paint those flowers.

I got this pretty pink and purple floral bouquet for Mother's Day and the flowers held up long enough for me to paint them- lucky me! This is not a photo realistic rendering of my flowers.  I am never drawn to anything photo realistic because that art style lacks the power to make me feel something other than awe at the artist's talent. I love art that makes me feel something, even if it's as simple as- "this painting makes me feel happy" or "I can feel a lot of energy coming from this one".  That's what I try to accomplish in my own watercolor paintings.  I hope I am succeeding!

watercolor purple floral painting by Elise Engh

watercolor purple floral painting by Elise Engh
8x10 Purple Flowers Original Watercolor Painting $40

Watercolor Llama Prints

I promised to make some prints of my watercolor llama paintings and here they are!!

Watercolor Llama Prints by Elise Engh Watercolors

I tried out a new printing company, Giclee Today, and I am impressed.  These prints look very very close to the originals and the paper is good quality too. I'm saving at least one of these prints to decorate my daughter's nursery with :)

Watercolor llama and floral art print by Elise Engh

Boho Llama Watercolor Print

Llama Wall Art

The Joy of Painting

Lately, I've taken time to just enjoy creating for creation's sake, to paint for the joy of painting! It's been refreshing!

watercolor flowers by Elise Engh

Over the past few years, I really tried hard to get into the art licensing market..... and it's way tougher than I originally thought! It's been fun to see my work in stores, but overall, I have found that I don't like losing control of where my art ends up and I don't like the lack of compensation for it either.  I feel like I sold out because you really don't make much at the onset.  And then there's the element of having to crank out so much art so quickly that the quality and thought and creativity get lost in the process. I lost the joy in creating so I'm taking a step back and reconnecting with my love of watercolors.  It feels amazing!

watercolor flowers by Elise Engh

watercolor flowers by Elise Engh

watercolor flowers by Elise Engh

Girl Holding Flowers

Happy New Year!  I have a new figure painting to share! 

I painted this "Girl Holding Flowers" watercolor painting last year and just listed it in my Shop today!  I've been working on my Flower Girl Series for a few years now and I am continuing it this year.  There's something about flowers that really captures who I am and what I feel.  I love their delicate, colorful, and peaceful nature. I guess that's why I can't stop painting them!