New Pink Cactus Paintings

 I have new cactus paintings in up in my shop today! You can check them out here: Pink Cactus Paintings

Pink Watercolor Cactus Painting by Elise Engh
I grew up in Arizona - not the part with saguaro cactus- the high desert part. We had prickly pear cactus and yucca there and I never saw bright pink cactus either, but it's been fun to pretend that cactus could be this color! I have loved painting this small series of colorful cactus art! I'm inspired by warm colors right now - maybe it's because it's getting cold here in Utah :)

12x16 original watercolor cactus painting

Original Watercolor Cactus in pink

Original Watercolor Cactus Art

Photos of the Week

Ok, it's pretty much been forever since I posted any photography, but I wanted to share some today!  My flowers are like my children.  I'm always looking after them, making sure they get what they need.  Then I get to stand back and watch them flourish.  It's so satisfying to grow things!  

Pink Cosmos Flowers
Rose of Sharon
Pink RosesPink Zinnia Flower

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscapes


New Abstract Landscapes!

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscapes by Elise Engh

I have loved every minute of painting these watercolor landscapes.  I normally don't do a lot of abstract work, but it was much needed at this time in my life and in this crazy year that we call 2020.  

Abstract painting has a way of calming me down and helping me feel peace.  I think it's the beauty of watching watery paints blend and mix on paper that really gets me to stop and just be in the moment and really appreciate the beauty of color and art.  I go to my art room at the end of a long day and create these green landscapes from my imagination.  They don't reference anywhere that I have actually been and I love that about them. They transport me to somewhere magical! It's such a peaceful wonderful feeling.  I will be creating more of these because I love the process of creating them so so much.

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh
8x10 abstract landscape #2

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh
8x10 Abstract Landscape #4

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh

Watercolor Sketches from my Travels

Hi there! My little family ventured out on a trip recently and it felt soooo great! It wasn't quite as carefree with wearing masks everywhere and social distancing, but being on the beach is good for my spirit. So it was worth it!

I brought along my travel watercolor paint set so I could sketch during my daughter's nap times.  I painted some pretty orange flowers in the yard of our air bnb and then I painted the coastline one sunny afternoon! 

beach scene watercolor sketch

By the way, If you're ever in La Jolla, CA- check out the tide pools!

New Watercolor Girl Paintings

Two happy things here today: it's almost officially summer and I have some new figural paintings finished!  

Watercolor Girl with Palm Leaves Painting by Elise Engh
I plan to make these paintings part of a series of girls with plants.  I have such a love for growing plants.  It's a miracle every time they survive the harsh desert that I live in and it's so satisfying to watch my plants progess- kind of the same way I love watching my kids progress.  It's fulfilling to me.  So yay for plants and summer and some paintings that remind me of both!

Watercolor Figural Painting by Elise Engh

Photos of the Week

Good Morning! 
My favorite time of year has arrived..... my poppies are blooming!

coral pink oriental poppy flowers

Abstract Watercolor Landscapes

Hi there! During this busy and crazy time, I have tried really hard to still find time for doing things I love.  As you probably know, painting with watercolors is one of those things that I can't do without! 

I've mostly been doing abstract paintings.  Abstract work has a way of soothing me and helping me let things go. Here are the two abstract watercolor landscapes that I created!
Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape Painting by Elise Engh
Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape Painting by Elise Engh

Orange Abstract Watercolor Landscape Painting by Elise Engh
Orange Abstract Watercolor Landscape Painting by Elise Engh

Photos of the Week

crab apple tree blossoms

I haven't posted any photography in ages!  My 9-year-old camera finally bit the dust so I'm left with my smart phone to capture the spring blossoms in my yard.  

Whether the photos come out nicely or not, I still enjoy taking photos of beautiful things around me.  I'm starting to realize what a gift it is to be aware and notice what is all around you at the exact moment you are in. Not rehashing what is behind you or worrying about what is coming next.  Just feeling your own feelings and thinking your own thoughts in the present.  It's a quality we are born with as children and slowly lose as our lives become busy and distracted.  For the health of my brain, I'm trying to feel that childlike wonder about life and notice the small things!

crab apple tree blossoms

Flowering Almond Blossoms

Painting Flowers: How I Slow Down My Brain

With an active one year old and a homeschooling 11 year old with me all day everyday, I really appreciate the time I get to paint! I make sure that I get some quiet time for myself every afternoon so that I can slow my brain and my body down and rest.  

original watercolor flower paintings by Elise Engh
Slowing my mind down is not an easy thing for me to do.  I tend to think far into the future so that I can plan ahead, but that leads to me worrying more than I should.  So that's where painting helps my wired brain.  Painting forces me to focus on the present.  I love watching wet paint spread and mix on paper! It's so satisfying! I experience childlike wonder every time I pick up a paintbrush.

Here are some of the paintings that came out my quiet time over the past few months.  Lots and lots of flower paintings- all in different styles too! My brain loves exploring new ways to create!

Free Floral Coloring Pages

 Hi friends!
While I've been stuck at home, I've been working hard on some freebies for you guys.  We all need ways to relax and be mindful and coloring is an excellent way to do that!

Free Flowers Coloring Pages from Elise Engh Studios

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow

Rainbow paintings are showing up everywhere these days.  I love that they aren't just the traditional rainbow colors - pretty much any color palette goes and it's so fun! That's why I've created this free watercolor tutorial for painting your own rainbow art.  Keep reading below for the tutorial!

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios
8x10 inch Piece of Watercolor Paper (choose something heavy duty like Strathmore 140lb coldpress)
Watercolor Paints
Paint Brush- medium flat
Small Lid (approx 4.5 inches wide)

1: Choose a color palette of four colors for your rainbow.  I opted for warm/ neutral shades of orange, pink, gold, and tan.  Here's a mixing chart for you if you'd like to use these exact shades for your rainbow.

2: To create a nice arc for your rainbow, lay a small lid in the center of your paper, slightly near the top. Lightly trace the top half of lid with pencil to get even curve. This will serve as a guide for the layers of the rainbow.

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios

3: Mix your first color and paint the top layer of the rainbow starting in the middle where you drew your arc.  Paint that first layer right about the arc your drew. Once you get the arc painted, continue the paint straight down each of the sides to make a horse-shoe shape.  Keep your line as even as possible, but if you waver a little bit it's ok. This artwork is not meant to be perfect! It's watercolor so the paint tends to have lots of variations that you may not be able to control. That's part of its charm!

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios
How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios

4: Mix your second color and paint a line of it right under your first layer. Try to leave a tiny bit of white space between the top layer and your second layer.  If the two layers touch and the colors mix in places, that's ok too! Let dry slightly.

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios

5: Mix your third color and paint a line of that right under the second layer.

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios

6: Mix your fourth color and paint a layer of that right inside the third layer. Let your painting dry completely and you're done!  Happy Rainbow Painting!

How to Paint a Watercolor Rainbow by Elise Engh Studios
Create your own rainbow art with this free watercolor tutorial
How to Paint a Rainbow with Watercolors by Elise Engh Studios

Nursery Decor: Wall Butterflies

 These paper butterflies have been on my daughter's nursery wall ever since she was a few months old. I feel like I've been waiting all my life to decorate a baby girl's room and I feel so lucky that dream came true! Girly decor is so much fun!

Make fun girly butterfly nursery decor with colorful paper!

I used a simple tutorial at Free Crafts for Kids to create these colorful butterflies from scrap-booking paper scraps.  I attached the butterflies to the wall with adhesive putty and they stay up on the wall perfectly!  

My daughter loves looking at these butterflies every day and they add a lot of color to her room.  Now if I could just tame her hair... haha!

Nursery Decor: Wall Butterflies
Make fun girly butterfly nursery decor with colorful paper!

New Abstract Watercolor Art

                                          Good morning! I have some new art to share!

Original Abstract Landscape Watercolor Art by Elise Engh
8 x 10 Coral Orange Abstract Landscape Painting

I've been taking some time to paint stuff that I want to paint- it's such a good feeling! Creating abstract art is such a soothing process for me.  It takes all the stress out of me. 

So I've created some original abstract watercolor pieces that are now listed in my shop (and are very affordably priced for original art).  Check them out!

Original Abstract Floral Watercolor Art by Elise Engh

Original Abstract Watercolor Art by Elise Engh

Stay tuned for a new watercolor tutorial on creating rainbow art- like this little guy. It'll be worth your time, I promise!

Butterfly Card Design Collaboration

Hey there! I'm excited to share a collaboration with you all!

Butterfly Birthday Card design by Elise Engh for Papyrus

In 2018, Papyrus (the card company) contacted me about creating some artwork for cards for their fall 2019 line.  I painted several versions of this floral butterfly piece and this is the version that ended up on their cards! So fun!

Papyrus added the glitter and gold foil- which I love.  These cards are quality too! Seriously so well crafted that I could never throw one away.  

Butterfly Birthday Card design by Elise Engh for Papyrus

It was an awesome feeling to see my name printed at the bottom!

Butterfly Birthday Card design by Elise Engh for Papyrus