New Abstract Watercolor Art

                                          Good morning! I have some new art to share!

Original Abstract Landscape Watercolor Art by Elise Engh
8 x 10 Coral Orange Abstract Landscape Painting

I've been taking some time to paint stuff that I want to paint- it's such a good feeling! Creating abstract art is such a soothing process for me.  It takes all the stress out of me. 

So I've created some original abstract watercolor pieces that are now listed in my shop (and are very affordably priced for original art).  Check them out!

Original Abstract Floral Watercolor Art by Elise Engh
8 x 10 Original Abstract Floral Art

Original Abstract Watercolor Art by Elise Engh

Stay tuned for a new watercolor tutorial on creating rainbow art- like this little guy. It'll be worth your time, I promise!

original watercolor rainbow art by Elise Engh
8 x 10 Watercolor Rainbow Art