5 Projects to Keep Kids Busy

With kids being home a whole lot more these days, it's easy for them to get bored and it's easy for them to turn to technology to fill the void.  I am by no means anti-tech as a mom, but I try to keep a good balance with my kids. Personally, I think one of the toughest challenges for us parents during a global pandemic is keeping our youngsters' bodies and minds engaged and active so they aren't on screens all day long. Is anyone with me on that one?!!

 I've pulled five ideas from previous blog posts of mine to give you some ideas that will hopefully help you get your kids engaged in physical activities during our social distancing days.

Splash or Spray some watercolor paint on a primed canvas! You can try adding clear Elmer's glue and Espom Salts while your artwork dries to add some texture.
Create Abstract Art with Watercolors on Canvas

Break out those Sharpies and let the kids design their own Easter Eggs!  You can do this with hard boiled eggs or fake plastic ones. 
Decorate Easter Eggs with Permanent Markers

Go scavenging around your yard or neighborhood for leaves, branches, dirt, and rocks to make little garden or village on a paper plate!
Make Mini Dioramas on Paper Plates

Throw some fresh strawberries and greek yogurt in a blender, then freeze to make your own Popsicles.  So much better than store bought!
Make Fresh Strawberry Popsicles

Color on primed canvas with sharpie markers and then spray with rubbing alcohol.  Kids love watching the ink from the markers spread on the canvas!
Create Art with Sharpies on Canvas

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