Photos of the Week

crab apple tree blossoms

I haven't posted any photography in ages!  My 9-year-old camera finally bit the dust so I'm left with my smart phone to capture the spring blossoms in my yard.  

Whether the photos come out nicely or not, I still enjoy taking photos of beautiful things around me.  I'm starting to realize what a gift it is to be aware and notice what is all around you at the exact moment you are in. Not rehashing what is behind you or worrying about what is coming next.  Just feeling your own feelings and thinking your own thoughts in the present.  It's a quality we are born with as children and slowly lose as our lives become busy and distracted.  For the health of my brain, I'm trying to feel that childlike wonder about life and notice the small things!

crab apple tree blossoms

Flowering Almond Blossoms

Painting Flowers: How I Slow Down My Brain

With an active one year old and a homeschooling 11 year old with me all day everyday, I really appreciate the time I get to paint! I make sure that I get some quiet time for myself every afternoon so that I can slow my brain and my body down and rest.  

original watercolor flower paintings by Elise Engh
Slowing my mind down is not an easy thing for me to do.  I tend to think far into the future so that I can plan ahead, but that leads to me worrying more than I should.  So that's where painting helps my wired brain.  Painting forces me to focus on the present.  I love watching wet paint spread and mix on paper! It's so satisfying! I experience childlike wonder every time I pick up a paintbrush.

Here are some of the paintings that came out my quiet time over the past few months.  Lots and lots of flower paintings- all in different styles too! My brain loves exploring new ways to create!

Free Floral Coloring Pages

 Hi friends!
While I've been stuck at home, I've been working hard on some freebies for you guys.  We all need ways to relax and be mindful and coloring is an excellent way to do that!

Free Flowers Coloring Pages from Elise Engh Studios