New Abstract Watercolor Paintings

Hello friends! How has quarantine been going? 

I've had my ups and downs with it.  The upside is seeing a whole lot more of my kids and husband and connecting in ways we wouldn't have otherwise.  The downside is that life is actually more busy than normal.  Distance learning with an 11 year old is more challenging than I anticipated.  Some days my son's teacher gives out 5-6 hours worth of work online and that's too much time on a screen for my kid.  This week we've been prioritizing his work so we don't finish everything, but get the most important stuff done.  That's working out much better for us!

Expressionist Watercolor Paintings

I wanted to share some abstract watercolor paintings I worked on the past few weeks.  I shouldn't say "worked" because it was more like play for me.  That's the best part of abstract painting.  There are no rules for what it has to look like, so it gives you freedom to play.  

These paintings are inspired by my favorite artist, Van Gogh.  His shows such emotion and movement and I wanted to find a way to do that in watercolor.  It was so fun!

How are you finding ways to "play" in your life? I'm finding that play is essential for my happiness and I'm trying to make more for it.

Abstract Watercolor Painting
Abstract Watercolor Paintings by Elise Engh

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