Fun Ways to Re-purpose Watercolor Paintings

Hi there! It's been a busy summer! I've been cleaning out my art room and basement and it got me thinking about how to reuse things instead of throwing them away- particularly old watercolor paintings.  I hate wasting materials so I've compiled a list of the ways I have reused my watercolor paintings over the years.  Enjoy!

How to Re-use old watercolor paintings by Elise Engh

You can cut up paintings into 2 x 8 inch strips and then laminate or use plain! I actually use of extra watercolor paper I have from when I trim pieces.  Using up scraps is the best!

diy watercolor bookmarks

Cutting out elements from paintings and using them in another artwork is a great way to re-purpose watercolor paintings! I painted this teepee, but didn't like the background I had it in, so I cut it out and stuck it in this collage that I pasted to a plain board along with cuttings of scrapbook paper.  

watercolor and scrapbook paper art collage

Use watercolor cut-outs to decorate fun cards! You can use a circle or any other shape paper puncher to cut out cool elements to use on those cards too.
watercolor cut out shapes and cards

Cut out small strips from watercolor paintings and punch a hole in the top to create cute gift tags! You can round the top or leave it square. Just attach a bit of string and you are good to go.
watercolor gift tags

Cut out large shapes of old watercolor paintings and sew or string them together to make a colorful paper garland! I used a large flower paper punch to cut out these lovely pieces for my garland.

recycled watercolor paper garland

Use shape paper punches to create a fun piece of art by placing the shapes together on paper in rows! I took a butterfly paper punch to an old watercolor and ink painting and glued the butterflies to an 8x10 piece of watercolor paper.  

watercolor butterflies

How do you re-use old paintings or supplies? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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