Irises Canvas Print

I have always been drawn to the expressive work of Vincent Van Gogh. The way he created movement and evoked feeling with his brush and paints has always amazed me.  He is one of my favorite artists of all time and now I have a canvas print of his "Irises" painting in my home! 

Irises Print

This canvas print is from Photowall and it's a perfect fit for my master bedroom. It allows me to have some floral artwork in my room without making it look too girly, which the husband appreciates!

This Irises canvas came rolled and required some assembly- not my strong point, but it was simple enough to put together. I love that the canvas and brackets are thick and durable. The stretcher bars come with sticky glue on them so you just stick the canvas right to the bars! No staple gun necessary!

If you are interested in a canvas from Photowall, you can get 25% off their prints and wallpapers! Just use the code: eliseenghstudios25 .  Offer expires December 25th!

Irises print

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