Time for something new

 Hey friends! 

This space was a home for my creative projects for 10 years and it was such a fun journey sharing my projects and photos with you all, but it is time for this chapter of blogging to end.  I haven't posted anything new here for about a year and have spent more time and energy on my art business and etsy shop. I will not be posting any new content to this blog, but will keep it up for the time being so that my tutorials can still be enjoyed and (hopefully) used for good in the world! So enjoy what is here and have fun creating!


Elise Engh

Photos of the Week

Last week my little family took a spur-of-the-moment trip to southern California! I about died from all the green there! 

Every time I visit this part of the country I wonder why I live in the desert instead of on the coast, then we hit traffic and I remember why. It's awesome to visit, but we're happier in a smaller town for normal life.

yucca plant

corona del mar, california beach
This trip had it's fun parts and it's sad parts.  We went to visit my husband's grandmother who will not be with us much longer.  We were so grateful for the chance to see her one more time and to make some more fun memories.  She is the closest thing to a grandmother I have left on this earth so I will be so sad to see her go.  She is a giving and sweet person.